We Pray For Canada

We are calling on the people of Canada to pray for our nation and church leaders to open their churches to the public for at least 1 hour per week.

If you are a church leader and willing to open your church for prayer please find and claim your free listing in the Church Directory and verify / update your information including:

  • Church name
  • Website address
  • Physical address
  • Description
    • Any way you would like to describe your church or ministry
    • Be sure to include day and time(s) your church will be open to the public for prayer
    • Please include something like:
      • #WePrayForCanada every Tuesday from 2-4 PM in the library
  • Click the checkbox for We Pray For Canada

Regardless of your religious or political affiliation we ask you to pray.

Pray for:

  • Our politicians and those seeking political office
  • Peace and understanding between those who do not share their political or social views
  • Police and those who serve us in legal, judicial and law enforcement
  • Firefighters, Emergency Service Workers and Healthcare
  • Education and youth
  • The physically, mentally and emotionally infirmed as well as those suffering from addiction
  • The unborn, newborn, seniors and other vulnerable members of our society
  • Those seeking refuge in our nation

Published by Alex Cameron

Alex is a retired IT professional and founder and publisher of Forest City Life.